The BotW recipe book – how to make every meal

September 23, 2022

Do you want to become a top cook in the open world adventure? Then we’ve got all from the BotW recipes in a convenient list that will make you Link Fieri.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild revived the long-running series by introducing a myriad of new systems and mechanics for players to discover such as the fantastic new physics engine that provides endless possibilities for anyone who is creative or the much-criticized durability of weapons (which is actually the key to the game’s being great). Whatever you think about it there’s plenty to enjoy in this open-world Zelda.

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One of the more fun features is the cooking system. Alongside the crafting feature, it gives you a wide variety of concoctions to try. It’s rare to receive recipes, and discovering them through testing and error can be the key in creating delicious dishes. Of course, there are those who prefer an entire recipe book which is what we’ve put together this. Each BotW-inspired recipe for any delicious dish.

This page is a must bookmark and visit us each time Link’s stomach begins getting a little rumbling. After you’ve finished your meal then take a look at our BotW Amiibo guide to unlock bonuses in the game and the Zelda BotW maps guide to ensure that you’re aware of where you’re headed. If you’re in need of an overview of the main characters in the game you can check for our BotW Zelda and BotW Link guides ahead of the sequel’s release.

What are the best ways to prepare BotW recipes?

The cooking process with Breath of the Wild is easy, however, it’s not an instructional recipe. The first step is to find a pot to cook in. If it’s not equipped with an unlit fire underneath it, you can use some kind of flame to ignite it (or place a flint or a piece of flint onto the wood, and then use an iron weapon to ignite it). After the fire is lit and ready to cook, you can begin cooking.


In your inventory, select the ingredients you’d like and ensure that you purchase a Link to store the ingredients. It is possible to hold five things. When you’ve got them in your hands you can exit the menu and put them into the cooker. And voila! You’re in the process of making many culinary masterpieces. Goodbye!

Every BotW recipe

Here are the complete BotW recipes. Any ingredient that is not descriptive (e.g. vegetable, mushroom, seafood etc.) This means you can use any kind of ingredient. What do you have to be still Start cooking.


Vegan BotW recipes

Ever thought of playing an environmentally-conscious Link? Then, here are the recipes that won’t hurt animals.

  • Copious fried wild greens – four different vegetables
  • Copious mushroom skewers – four different mushrooms
  • The rice of Hylian is Curry Rice Goron spice
  • Fragrant mushroom saute – mushroom, Goron spice
  • Fried wild greens, vegetable
  • Mix of mushrooms and fruits Mixture of fruits, mushrooms
  • Herb saute – vegetable, Goron spice
  • Mushroom rice balls – mushroom, Hylian rice
  • Mushroom skewer – mushroom
  • Gems, wood
  • Salt-grilled vegetables – vegetable rock salt
  • Salt-grilled mushrooms – mushrooms, salt of the rock
  • Sauteed nuts, acorns or Chickaloo tree nut
  • Spicy sauteed peppers – spicy pepper
  • Steamed fruits – vegetables, fruit
  • Steamed mushrooms – mushroom, vegetable
  • Vegetable curry – carrots or pumpkin Goron spice or Hylian rice
  • Veggie rice balls – vegetable, Hylian rice
  • Rock salt for wheat bread Tabantha wheat


Vegetarian BotW recipes

If you’re unable to live without milk or eggs don’t worry. You can also become an animal with Breath of Wild by using the variety of recipes available.

  • Carrot stew – carrots goat butter Fresh milk Tabantha wheat
  • Soup of mushrooms – mushrooms vegetable fresh milk, rock salt
  • Cream of soup made from vegetables – vegetables, fresh milk and salt from the rock
  • Creamy heart soup – radish, hydromelon, voltfruit, fresh milk
  • Curry pilaf Hylian rice with goat butter Goron spice
  • Glazed mushrooms – mushroom, courser bee honey
  • Glazed vegetables – vegetable courser honey bee
  • Mushroom omelette – mushroom, bird egg, goat butter, rock salt
  • Mushroom risotto – mushroom, goat butter, Hylian rice, rock salt
  • Pumpkin stew fortified with the pumpkin with goat’s butter fresh milk Tabantha wheat
  • Vegetable omelette – vegetable, bird egg, goat butter, rock salt
  • Vegetable risotto – carrot or pumpkin, goat butter, Hylian rice, rock salt
  • Cream soup made of vegetables – pumpkin or carrot fresh milk and rock salt


Meat BotW recipes

You might see Link as a tough young man who is trying to make a difference in the world. It’s not possible to pick and choose his diet, isn’t he? Here’s the guideline for you meat lovers.

  • Four skewers of meat that are incredibly tasty – four different meats that are raw
  • Creamy soup of fresh meat and herb fresh milk and rock salt
  • Glazed meat – beef, courser honey from bees
  • Gourmet meat curry – raw gourmet meat, Hylian rice, Goron spice
  • Gourmet meat stew, fresh delicious meat, goat butter freshly brewed milk Tabantha wheat
  • Gourmet rice bowl and meat Raw gourmet meat, whole bird raw Hylian rice rock salt
  • Gourmet seafood and meat fry – raw, gourmet meat, raw bird thigh, or any other fish
  • Gourmet spiced meat skewers Raw gourmet meat, or whole raw bird, Goron spice
  • Meat curry – meat that is raw rice, Hylian rice Goron spice
  • Meat Pie – Raw meat Tabantha wheat Goat butter and rock salt
  • Meat skewer – raw meat
  • Meat stew – raw meat goat butter fresh milk and Tabantha wheat
  • Skewers of meat and mushrooms raw meat, mushrooms
  • Meat and rice bowls Raw meat or raw bird drumstick Hylian rice and rock salt
  • Fries of seafood and Meat – Raw or raw drumsticks of a bird or fish
  • Meat-stuffed pumpkin stuffed with cooked meat or fortified pumpkin
  • Meaty rice ball – raw animal, Hylian rice
  • Prime meat curry prime meat that is raw, Hylian rice, Goron spice
  • Prime stew of meat Prime meat stew, raw meat, fresh milk, goat butter Tabantha wheat
  • Rice bowl and prime meat raw bird thigh Hylian rice Goron spice
  • Prime fish and meat fry – raw prime meat, raw bird thigh, and fish
  • Prime spiced meat skewers raw prime meat raw bird thigh Goron spice
  • Salt-grilled gourmet meats – raw meat, gourmet or whole bird, and rock salt
  • Salt-grilled meat – raw, uncooked meat or raw drumsticks of birds and rock salt
  • Salt-grilled prime meat, the raw meat of prime or bird thigh raw and rock salt
  • Spiced meat skewers either raw meat or drumsticks of birds, Goron spice
  • Spicy pepper steak – meat, spicy pepper
  • Steamed meat – meat, vegetable


Poultry BotW recipes

A milder flavor than the meat that is above. Here are the chicken recipes in all their forms.

  • Gourmet poultry curry – cooked entire bird. Hylian rice Goron spice
  • Gourmet chicken pilaf – cooked whole bird, the egg of a bird, goat butter Hylian rice
  • Poultry curry raw bird drumstick Goron spice and Hylian rice
  • Poultry pilaf raw bird drumstick goat butter, bird egg, Hylian rice
  • Prime poultry curry Raw bird thigh Hylian rice Goron spice
  • Prime poultry pilaf raw bird thigh goat butter, bird egg, Hylian rice


Seafood BotW recipes

Link is an excellent swimmer and excels on boats, thanks to the big leaf he’s got. Perhaps he’s a big fan of seafood?

  • Clam chowder with delicious blue shell snail with hearty flavor Goat butter Fresh dairy, Tabantha wheat
  • Copious seafood skewers – four different fish
  • Crab omelet with rice crab, bird eggs, rock salt Hylian rice
  • Crab risotto – crab, rock salt, Hylian rice, goat butter
  • Crab stir-fry-crab, Goron spice
  • Creamy seafood soup – seafood, herb, rock salt, fresh milk
  • The Fish Pie consists of seafood goat butter, rock salt and Tabantha wheat
  • Skewers of fish and mushrooms fish, mushrooms
  • Glazed seafood – seafood course honey from bees
  • Porgy meuniere porgy goat’s milk, Tabantha wheat
  • Salmon meuniere – hearty fish and rock salt Hylian rice and goat butter
  • Salmon risotto – hearty salmon, rock salt, Hylian rice, goat butter
  • Crabs grilled with salt, crab rock salt
  • Salt-grilled fish grilled with salt – fish rock salt
  • Seafood curry: porgy or the hearty Blueshell snails, Hylian rice Goron spice
  • Seafood Fried Rice – Porgy or succulent blue shell snail Hylian rice and rock salt
  • Seafood meuniere – seafood goat’s butter Tabantha wheat
  • Seafood paella – porgy, hearty blue shell snail, rock salt, goat butter, Hylian rice
  • Seafood rice balls – fish, Hylian rice
  • Seafood skewers that include snails or crabs
  • Spicy pepper seafood – fish, spicy pepper
  • Steamed fish – fish, vegetable


Monster BotW recipes

If you’re interested in exploring Link’s dark side, these are all the recipes based on monsters. The link must take whatever is available, isn’t he?

  • Unsuspecting food items Monster parts and other food items that aren’t edible
  • Monster cake – Monster extract. It also contains cane sugar goat butter Tabantha wheat
  • Monster curry – monster extract, Goron spice, Hylian rice
  • Monster rice balls – monster extract, Hylian rice, rock salt
  • Monster soup – monster extract goat butter fresh dairy, Tabatha wheat
  • Monster stew – monster extract, meat, seafood


Desert BotW recipes

Everyone needs a treat time. Ruin Link’s diet by eating these sweet snacks.

  • Apple pie apple goat butter, sugar cane, Tabantha wheat
  • Carrot cake: carrot goat butter, sugar from cane, Tabantha wheat
  • A copious stewed variety of fruit – four different fruits
  • Egg tarts containing bird eggs goat butter Tabantha Cane sugar, wheat
  • Egg pudding – bird egg, fresh milk, cane sugar
  • Honey candy that is energizing Honey from courser bees
  • Crepe with Energizing Honey – Courser bee honey Tabantha wheat bird egg, sugar from cane fresh milk
  • Fried bananas – the mighty bananas, sugar cane, Tabantha wheat
  • Fruit cake – wildberry or apple and cane sugar and Tabantha wheat
  • Fruit pie – fruit goat butter, sugar cane, Tabantha wheat
  • Honeyed apple – apple courser bee honey
  • Honeyed fruits – fruit courser honey bees
  • Hot apple that has been buttered – apple goat butter
  • Nut cake – Acorn or Chikaloo tree nut, goat butter the sugar cane, Tabantha wheat
  • Plain crepe Tabantha wheat bird egg, sugar cane Fresh milk
  • Pumpkin pie – fortified pumpkin goat butter, sugar from cane and Tabantha wheat
  • Simmered fruits – Fruit
  • Wildberry crepe – wildberry bird egg, sugar cane, fresh milk, and Tabantha wheat

Drink BotW recipes

One stiff drink for Link. He’s not yet 18 years old which means no alcohol. However, there’s an element of fairy-tale in it. It’s bound to make him feel happy, doesn’t it?

  • Fairy tonic – – fairy

That’s quite a number of recipes. You’re now ready to discover Hyrule in a full stomach with the BotW Recipe Book. If you’re looking for more Zelda fun there’s a Skyward Sword amiibo guide to get you going with the timeless Wii adventure.


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