The creators of Alien: Isolation have worked on a sci-fi first-person shooter for four years

Alien Isolation, a developer of sci-fi first person shooters, is currently working in a new setting.

The Edge Magazine’s latest issue features Gareth Edmondson, Creative Assembly Studio Director, and Alistair Hope as Creative Director. Alien Isolation has been working on a sci-fi video game since 2018.

Hope says that the new game is committed to authenticity and detail, as well as a deep understanding of the source material. Hope has not yet provided any clues as to the source material.

This is our IP, the new world we are creating. We’re excited about it and want to get it done right away.

The Edge article states that this new venture is not like any other Creative Assembly project. While the developers may be forgiven for identifying their company with Total War, real-time strategy games and other gaming genres, they are not able to associate it with sci-fi first-person shooters. It is worth paying attention to this project as it is being developed by the same team that created Alien Isolation.

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