The CW is canceling Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow

For a long period, the DC series was among the foundations of The CW and were felt to be essentially free from being cancelled. But, in the last few months, it has snatched two shows that are part of the Arrowverse. The show’s creator Caroline Dries initially announced that those in charge of this station decided to stop the continuation of Batmanwoman . The series will be ending after three seasons, and therefore sooner than other format in the Arrowverse.

Additionally there is a possibility that Legends of Tomorrow will not be embarking on any new adventures. For Legends it means the channel has pulled the off in the middle of seven episodes. Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman were both broadcast on Thursday nights in the current season of TV and managed to convince only a fraction of a million viewers to watch at a rate of about.

The two series also finish relatively with a lot of room for improvement. For Batmanwoman the ending is quite bearable since the show ended with a simple season cliffhangerthat was merely meant to create the possibility of a few storylines that could be developed for the next season. However, in Legends of Tomorrow the story is a little different. So, at the conclusion of Season 7 the Legends were detained by a new and mysterious groupIf this tale will ever be resolved remains to be seen.

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