The Daily Grind Is there any live music youd play if it were revived by blockchain-schemers

Justin and I participated in a MassivelyOP podcast debate about the revival or Kritika Online. It turned out to have been an exploitative mess with blockchain pitches. The conversation naturally led to an effect on the rest of the industry, and particularly because the Kritika whitepaper identified the game as one with big potential because of its decade-long patch history and multi-million-per-person playerbase.

That describes MMORPGs that are either dead or dying, doesn’t? It would be much cheaper to purchase a new jiffy spec, and a ruhidbit-like MMORPG. It’s already happened. It would be great to see the WildStar return on site but that’s not what it is. I did not want to see a company ruin the old aMO or kill the IP for future uses.

How about you? What about you?

As a solution to the question of MMORPG players, Massively Overpowered writers meet up with Mo’s. Take a sip of your favorite beverage and take a shot at answering the question in today’s Daily Grind.

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