The Dark Souls tabletop RPG will use the Dungeons and Dragons system, but with a twist

The first glimpse of this Dark Souls tabletop RPG from Steamforged Games. It’s been confirmed that it’s an individual project that uses rules drawn from Dungeons and Dragons..

It’s also compatible with the most recent version of D&D, an official press release states it’s the Dark Souls tabletop RPG has been “enriched with unique Dark Souls mechanics”. This includes dying and returning (a lots) however it also comes with “bespoke character classes, a brand-new magic system, and a full bestiary teeming with Dark Souls creatures”.

Fans will be able test the game out soon enough In the near future Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game is scheduled to launch “Spring 2022”.

There’s still no word about what the classes will include but it’s probable that players can draw on Dark Souls staples such as the Wanderer, Pyromancer, and everyone’s favorite loincloth-wearing glutton punishment The Deprived. It’s also possible that we’ll face bosses such as the Bell Gargoyle as well as other rank-and-file opponents which range in size from Hollows up to Balder Knights.

As stated by Steamforged Games’ chief of creative Matt Hart in the press announcement, the Steamforged Games team “wanted to capture the spark of the video games and deliver a roleplaying experience that would give players the real Dark Souls feel, whether they’re rolling a unique character from one of the bespoke classes, creeping through the ruins of Lothric and encountering familiar characters, or engaging in tactical combat against an iconic video game enemy”.

It will be interesting to see what the game’s performance compares to another RPG that’s particularly punishing, Band of Blades(opens in a new tab). The system is based on the one employed for Blades within the Dark(opens in a new window) (one of the most enjoyable Tabletop RPGs) The game is dark fantasy that pits players against an undead horde and an alarm clock.

In any case, we won’t have much time to wait for the game because Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game is just a couple of months away and spring is right in the near future.

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