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The developer of Lifeless Planet released a new game trailer

Let’s congratulate the creator of the game for finding a publisher.

David Board is currently working on the lifeless moon. This project is the spiritual successor of Lifeless Planet. It’s a puzzle platformer that was born after an astronaut took control of his relationship in 2014 and was re-elected. The Stage 2 has raised over one million dollars through Kickstarter and has now found a publisher at Serenity Forge.

A new trailer has been released for the mystical adventure Lifeless Moon at the Summer of Gaming 2022 festival. This game is about two Apollo astronauts who go to the moon in search of an adventure. They discover an abandoned settlement at one point, but it is not a Soviet base as was the original. It’s a city.


Both the announcements and advertisement were made public.

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Lifeless Moon’s developers have made it clear that their second project will include more puzzles and more acrobatics. The game will be available on both the console and PC in the first quarter 2023. A VR version could also be released.