The developers of DNF Duel introduced the first character in two and a half months

August 19, 2022

In collaboration with NSI and Anime Fighters, Nexon presented a trailer featuring another character from their anime fighting video DNF duel.

Secreenshot by share way games


Source: Nexon.

The DNF Duel commercial was a high-profile character that reimagined the reality of the Launcher, a heavy weapon specialist.

Which one is the one who uses her extensive arsenal of heavy weapons to destroy the battlefield? In her gameplay video, Launchers lasers penetrate space and time. Check out the DNF Duel Trailer description.



From November 2021 through March 2022, 11 DNF Duel heroes were introduced to the audience by the authors. The launcher is the 12th consecutive character and the first in nearly two years.

DNF Duel will be available on PC (Steam), PS4 & PS5. This project is an offshoot from the game Dungeon Fighter Online. It’s a playable tool that creates a character from the shareware game. The archetypes and mange of fighters are then transferred to the new game.


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