The Director of Cuphead Studio says about the Delicious Last Course Gameplay Future Projects

Maja Moldenhauer, the former studio manager, spoke to WCCFTech about The Delicious Last Courseas’ next expansion and what the future plans are for the studios.

Moldenhauer talked about the new island when he spoke about The Delicious Last Course’s new gameplay.

Moldenhauer says it is still the second-largest island in the world. Five superheroes are available, but there are many secrets to be discovered and many challenges to overcome that we don’t want to reveal to everyone.

Moldenhauer also discussed how the amount of time it takes for a player to complete the expansion depends on their skill level. Hardball players are likely to finish the expansion within three to four hours.

The Delicious Last Course won’t feature traditional platforming levels. Moldenhauer said that the studio wanted to see how players accumulate money and coins in the game. The new character’s “Miss Chalice”, however, allows players to play through the base levels. Players can’t, but can, still, use the Miss Chalice and continue playing the base games.

Moldenhauer spoke out about the future a while back, stating that The Delicious Last Course was the name of the expansion. This means that Cuphead will no longer be released by MDHR. Instead of focusing on a handful of projects, the studio is looking towards its future.

Moldenhauer said that we are returning to our rules, rather than announcing too soon. While we’ll remain in animation, don’t be surprised to see other genres.

The Delicious Last Course will launch on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on June 30, and it costs $7.99. You can get a complete package including the DLC and ground game at $4.99 off

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