The film Planet of Lana is about the animation

Thunderful, the publisher, and Wishfully released the trailer for Planet of Lana, a cinematic puzzle game.

Thunderful released a press release saying that the gameplay trailer shows more of the beautiful green forests and deserts. The trailer also gives you hints about what to expect when the beautiful work begins later in the year. Lana and Mui, her cat companion, must work together to deal with the many hazards and puzzles they face. This is especially useful during the off-earth adventure. Lana and Mui are extremely successful and face many risks.

This is a complete overview of the game via Steam.


The ideal planet for balancing animals and humans has been lost to space.

Intruder: The intruder brought out the disharmony created over hundreds of years. This isn’t a war story. This was a story about a beautiful and vibrant planet that embarks on a journey towards reserving its resources.

  • Enjoy a wonderful world with a trusted friend.
  • Friendships are growing in popularity on a disturbing and violent level.
  • Programming doesn’t necessarily mean predictable.
  • Bravely can accommodate smaller animals
  • It’s not a fight for everything
  • You are invited to an off-earth adventure.

The Key Features

  • All-rounder animation.
  • Puzzles are a combination of twists and challenges.
  • Be honest and courageous in dealing with dangerous situations.
  • Reflexes are essential to survive difficult action sequences.
  • This epic tale is your chance to discover it. It spans many galaxies, and a lot of centuries.

This platform includes Steam and Microsoft Store For the Planet of Lana on the Xbox One as well as PC in the latter part of 2022.

You can watch the trailer and the video that will reveal yesterday’s day for the devs in 2022.

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