The first photo of the new Fire Emblem game on the web is shown to the public

Three Hopes appears to not be the only Fire Emblem that is being leaked. While it is not surprising to hear about the launch of the next mainline title, the photos show something completely different.

Reddit user miasmadelta started a thread to share some juicy details about the next Nintendo game. These details confirm some previously leaked information, including the fact that the game is complete, but it has not yet been released, whatever the reason. Although this was a significant improvement over the three Houses, the screenshots don’t show it.


The main character is a lord. The dragon’s children have red and blue hair. The man is standing in the reception area of the first photo from that thread. These photos are, according to miasmadelta. They were taken at the beginning of a new game. These shots were removed from the screen, so they don’t represent quality.

According to reports, this Fire Emblem game’s hook can summon characters from previous games. The thread’s second screenshot shows Anna, a recurring character. One slot is highlighted. His inclusion here will not necessarily confirm that the summoning mechanic is true, as she was a featured character in nearly every Fire Emblem game he had been in.

Contrary to other mechanics the standard assortment of classes and characters are all based on the same menu. A mentor is also the right-hand man. This is a common error in the series. He is seen in a movie that is sexy.

Salt everything to confuse what should be obvious. Nintendo has not yet announced a new mainline Fire Emblem title, but it is likely to do so in a Direct game. Recent Nintendo news revealed that the main focus of the series, Fire Emblem Warriors 3: Three Hopes is Fire Emblem 2, the sequel to Three Houses’ Musou spinoff. You can play as many characters you like when the Switch version launches on Friday, June 24,

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