The first teaser trailer shows some gameplay

The first teaser trailer shows some gameplay

Tobias Pieceman | 06/09/2022 20:45 o’clock.

A brand new teaser trailer has already shown us the first time that the action game takes place. It is possible to get the most effective.

The Action JumpnRun Flashback was released in 1992. After 30 years, the company microids responsible for Microids have announced their own successor couple of weeks to be available to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X/S. Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.


The trailer for the new teaser trailer was released in the Summer Game Fest, giving an insight into the story. Conrad B. Hart, Paul Cuisset and Microids Studio Lyon will provide a real sequel.


When Master Brain has passed, Conrad and his comrades will fight for the Morphs once more, since they could threaten every civilization. Since Conrad’s friend Ian was taken from him right before his eyes, he’s now driven to get the morphs from the face of earth.

Flashback 2 is intended to mix action, puzzles, and intrusion and transport players into the Neo-Vale and the jungle. However, new developments like Neo Tokyo as well as the station in space are coming at the end of their run.

In the announcement made by the developers already had lost just a few words: We’re excited to announce a sequel to the French game’s greatest success. We enjoy delivering games which demonstrate the skills of skilled individuals. Paul Cuisset is a respected French Hall of Famer. We’re honored to collaborate with Paul Cuisset and his team for this project.

More updates to Flashback 2.

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