The former World champion pleads guilty to drug trafficking charges

Toyz, a former League of Legends international player, allegedly pleaded guilty in Taiwan to drug trafficking. According to the Taiwanes Central News Agency’s report, Toyz was accused of trafficking drugs via the internet. He pleaded guilty to his charges in court on June 16, before the district prosecutor. He was also asked to apologize for his actions and ask others to abstain from using drugs.

Lin Tingyang, Toyz’s lawyer, was with him. Toyz stated that he felt a lot more pressure after leaving the rehabilitation center and regrets his exposure to drugs.

His lawyer stated that despite his lack of education and frequent travel between Hong Kong, Taiwan and Taiwan, he was not fully aware of Taiwan’s laws.

Tom was charged with forming a drug syndicate that purchased and sold THC pods online. According to a September 20th report, Toyz was charged with this crime. The marijuana found in Taiwan class 2 was discovered during a search of his house.

Police arrested toyz, his former loyal supporters, and seven associates at the end of a ten year law. The punishments for this guilty plea are not yet known.

Toyz won the 2018 World Championship’s illustre title.

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