The galaxy for whom the CES-revealed Odyssey Neo G85NB returned to Canada in July

Samsung just announced that the Odyssey Neo G85NB will be available in Canada in June 2022.

The 32-inch Odyssey Neo G85NB monitor features a 3,840 x 2160 1000R curved screen. This design surpasses human depth perception and is more suitable for shallow curves.

This monitor has an excellent response time which is the perfect balance between performance and quality. Samsung’s blog explains that the gaming monitors have a 4K 240Hz refresh speed and a lower response time of 1ms. This allows the player to increase their capabilities and perform at the highest level in any gaming environment.

CoreSync lighting is built into the monitor’s rear and glows regardless of the colour you are showing off, such as Governoree Flow Pro Light bars.

A matte layer is embedded on the monitor to provide anti-glare protection and anti-reflection protection. This minimizes distractions and helps focus the user’s attention on their content.

The new Yingon Golli version can be adjusted for height, title, and swivel. It also has VESA-compliant mounting.

The G85NB was honored for its innovative technology and was named the Honoree of CES 2022 Innovation Award.

The monitor has a 1.4 port and an HDMI port. It also includes two USB3.0 ports.

Canada will soon get the Odyssey Neo G85NB in July 2022. MobileSyrup reached out to Samsung regarding the price.

Samsung will also release the 4K 165Hz G75NB in July and the full HD240Hz G40B during July. You can read more about these monitors here.

– I receive a Samsung note.

Source: Samsung.

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