The genshin influence leak transforms the su-like character


Genshin is currently the victim of a leak on the Internet. The leaker claims that the game will be getting a character similar to Su from Honkai Impact.

Although the image that the leaker shared was not unusual, it seems like it is a good thing that the character will not have Su in Genshin Impact. However, he will not be available in the same version. The game is still in its latest version. This update introduced Kuki Shinobu in all new events. All players loved it.


The Genshin Impact picture the leaker shared is a blurry one. It is difficult to see the details in this blurry picture. Fans may take a photo of important information, but there is also other information. They can see that characters have glowing green vision. This is most likely a Dendro vision.

Later, data miners confirmed that the Su-like character was real. The photo was leaked even though they didn’t share it.

Genshin Impact has used Honkai Impact 3 before. The Yae Miko actually draws inspiration from Raiden Mei’s Yae Sakura, and Raiden Shogun of Raiden Mei. Although the leaker believes that Su will not be named by developers, fans would like to know.

Although this is a leaked information, Genshin Impact enthusiasts may want to consider this important. They are still a ways off. They should be realistic about their expectations.

Is it you?


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