The Goblins of Elderstone survival game has been available on Steam in full in demo for PC

Outerdawn, New Zealand’s publisher and developer of games, announced the availability of a free PC Demo of Survival City-building Game Goblins of Elderstone.

You can also get a free demo with the Steam Summer Sale where you can also buy Goblins of Elderstone at 50% off regular price.

You can play a limited number of games during the demo, which will be played over an hour. Anyone who wishes to purchase the full version Goblins of Elderstone after the demo ends can download any progress made during the demo and receive rewards retroactively.

To develop tribal dynamics, a goblin approach to survival will be crucial. To build and trade in your city, you should be more focused on the creation of a culture for its residents. Your goblins will listen to you if you treat them well. Do not meet them expecting them to riot, steal, and kill.

We must not only remove resources but also build buildings. Elderstone will become an empire, thanks to your intelligence, skill, and insight in bartering, bribery and occasional robbery.

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