The Intel Arc A770 video card demonstrated in the Intel Extreme Masters tournament

Intel has reminded me of Computer’s Arc Alchemist, which should be out in the coming year. In the Intel Extreme Master Showcase in Dallas presented a live demo that was part of Intel Arc. Images from Bryce_GfxDriverGuru’s Twitter account were on Twitter.

The card comes with a classic design that has been seen before leaks. There are two plugs that have the pins of eight and six. It’s not clear which card’s name is however, many people believe that it is the latest model of Intel’s Arc A770 that has 16GB in video memory. The GPU of the Alchemist at the ACM G10 includes the entire 32 xe-Cores.


According to reports that according to rumors, the Intel Arc A770 can compete with the GeForce RX 3070 as well as the Radeon 6700. Announcing new technologies could be made prior to the summer’s end. However, for the moment, Intel is focusing on the mobile version of Arc to make sure that the makers of computers have enough devices. Although we may are to see an announcement in the near future of an alternative for desktop versions of Intel Arc, they won’t launch until later. At the close of the year, we’ll be able to have a fully-fledged 3rd player on the GPU market.

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