The Labyrinth of Zangetsu starts September 29 in Japan

The Labyrinth of Zangetsu starts September 29 in Japan

The 3D dungeon RPG Labyrinth of Zangetsu will be available on PlayStation 4, Switch and PC via Steam starting September 29th in Japan. It will retail for 3500 yen and 3300 via download. Pre-orders are available starting June 20.

We’ve compiled a summary of the game using previous coverage.


Acquire has released Labyrinth of Zangetsu, a 3D dungeon RPG. This is a remake of the hamstering game. This book emphasizes wa, which is Acquires’ specialty. This portrait depicts an important view of the world, and is illustrated with brush strokes in red. The musical mix includes a gagaku and dance. While the noh is the other genre, it contains both a gagaku-and-a-dance. These 4 keywords are the basis of Labyrinth of Zangetsu’s language.

The Ink of Destruction created the Worldview with a red colour.

The story begins in Ido (the city of morning moon), which continues to fight the Ink of destruction.

Ido is from Tokyo, a country that is reminiscent of medieval Japan. It is a fortress-city, protected by a magical technology barrier that is a secret of the earth’s creation.

Tourists from all over the globe are invited to visit the city to choose Ink Destroyers or those with exceptional power.

With Ink Destroyers, one can drive to the most dangerous areas.

Ink Bibels: Made from the Ink of Sulphur. Printed in Dark Water.

The living were confused and died, while the dead became demons and started to murder their loved ones.

The ink gives the dead back their world when they come in contact with it.

Also, inanimate objects can become dangerous wriggle monsters.

People feared and declared Ink Beasts.

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