The Last of Us reimagined as an open-world game with fan-made trailer

A glimpse of the possibilities of what The Last of Us might have appeared to be like as an open world game is now available through a fan-made teaser trailer.

Below there, you can read a thread on the subreddit dedicated to The Last of Us, that first appeared on the 26th of January. In the short clip it takes us through a small , open-world location that is set in the world in Naughty Dog’s game. The post-apocalyptic streets are dotted with the remains of burnt-out cars and garbage, and Joel finally appears with the shotgun. It’s more of a gimmick check than a fully-fledged demonstration of concept, but it’s an interesting concept that’s been well-executed.

The fan-made trailer seems to take place in the beginning of the disease which would ultimately ravage the entire world during The Last of Us. The trailer shows bodies littered across grassy areas and Joel is on his own walking through streets that are quite intact, in contrast to the city where the 2013 game of Naughty Dog is set.

In the comments below the post on subreddit, gamers are wondering whether the Last of Us game could be able to function in an open-world scenario. Some say it would have no tension or tense because the most terrifying moments are usually found in tiny, cramped spaces and others say that certain portions in the Last of Us 2 are tiny pockets of an open-world game.

Whatever the case, the idea for an open world Last of Us game is surely a fascinating possibility. The meticulously designed game series actually be successful in an open-ended universe or will it fail?

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