The Last of Us series 2 is compared to the sequel. The weight of the remake doubles the remastering

Nearly nine years after the death of Joel, the Naughty Dog team confirmed that there were rumors about a remake of Ellie’s first adventure.

The PlayStation 3’s exclusive Sony is eager to make The Last of Us: Part 1A available for everyone. It is a re-write of everything that was before the last one: Remastered. Although the original intention for the first dedicated video comparison was realized, it is now confirmed by the memory available to record the title.

Twisted Voxel’s editorial staff confirms that the Last of Us: Part 1 (excluding Day One) will weigh in at approximately 79 GB. Naughty Dog is an acceptable game, especially when it comes down to the remastered version. Last of Us: Remastered was 40.55GB in its original version. We remind you, to better understand the facts, that the first day, or last of us, is at its place. Part 2 required an estimated 73GB.

Because we are talking about an increase in net, which is reflected in First of Us: Part 1. This writes the playful and aesthetic sector of the second. The last of us.

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