The Last Of Us’s Joel and Ellie Kill Clickers and Norse Monsters In God of War Crossover Mod

The new version will transform Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us into the World of the Year 2018, God of War.

Eurogamer reported that OmegaFantasy, a YouTuber, has not only changed its style, the Kratos, and Atreus of God of War, for Joel and Ellie. They also replaced the Kratos Leviathan Axe and modified the Kratos Pipe to make it more appropriate for Joel, and made the Draugrs the Clickers.

The Last of Us meets God of War!Full video and video a fight between David and Joel: https://t.co.aqzg1QdInC pic.twitter.com/1fHKhBhzbY.

Speclizer (@Speclizer) June 17-2022.

The Stranger was also changed to David from The Last of Us at the beginning of the game, giving the epic fight in the first moments of the game an entirely new meaning.

You can download the mod via omegaFantasy’s Patreon or watch the game on their YouTube channel. You can watch the film with Last of Us lines, or the video that shows the Last of Us.

OmegaFantasy also has other characters from The Last of Us, such as Ned, Bart, and Homer of The Simpsons: Hit and Run.


These mods allow for good time, God Of War: Ragnarok and all kinds of difficult things. A recent report has shown that there is no reason to delay the release of the highly-anticipated sequel, which will be released by November 2022.

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