The Long Drive Radio Stations – Frequency & Content

The Long Drive Radio Stations – Frequency & Content

Long Drive Radio Stations – Frequency and Content – All frequencies available and what you’ll find in each


Long Drive Radio Stations – Frequency and Content

These are all active stations with their frequencies.


  • FM 88.8 Hungarian talk
  • FM 98.1 A never-ending stream of instrumental music without any host
  • FM 90.4 A never-ending stream of classic music without any host
  • FM 91.3 A never-ending stream of electronic without any host
  • FM 93.0 Foreign rock radio station.
  • FM 94.1 Steel Pants Radio is a English-speaking rock radio station, hosted by Shane
  • FM 95.0 Talk Till You Die is a talk show hosted and moderated by Jason. It discusses current issues in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.
  • FM 96.6 Angry Greg Radio is a talk show hosted and hosted by Greg, who expresses hatred for all things .
  • FM 97.5 Radio Ubermensch, German talk radio station.
  • FM98.4 Neon Synth Radio is a Synth radio station that Shane hosts
  • FM 99.2 Your custom radio can be found. Emits silence without static if your radio is not custom.
  • FM 100.5 Poetry Chill Radio is a radio station hosted and operated by an unnamed individual. poetry are recited
  • FM 105.0 Spanish CBC (citizens Band) frequency is a conversation between two people with lots of interference and static.

The majority of frequencies are in English but some are also available in Spanish and Hungarian.

We will be adding any frequency you find to our list.

How to Use the Radio

You can operate the radio by scrolling up on the volume dial with the mouse wheel, and then scrolling through the frequencies using the tuning knob.

A radio can still play even if it is removed from a vehicle. It can also be used as portable entertainment.

The radio can be stored in the player’s inventory. However, the audio may still play even though it is there.


Please leave a comment if you have any questions or find another frequency.

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