The new MacBook Air has an M2 chip and an iPod notch

Since its inception, Apple’s MacBook Air has been the most important component of the laptop market. Apple fans can do double-takes at the new redesign. It reduces screen bezels and places the camera in a notch that looks just like an iPhone. The M2 is the most recent version of Apple’s ARM processor.

The new 1080p webcam can be used with the notched screen. It is expected to provide the same low-light performance of other generations. Although the iPhone has a similar visual appearance, it does not have a scanner to allow for login. Manufacturers like Dell have made it clear that they are able to convert digital cameras (anywhere, without infrared camera) into tiny screen bezels. The screen is a 15-inch Liquid Retina LCD with the same resolution of 25601600 as the previous generation, but it has 500 nits more.


Although the unibody aluminum design is now shorter and more compact, it retains the look of current-gen MacBooks that have a 11.3mm profile and nearly 2,000 pounds in weight. A MacBook Air’s volume is reduced by 20%. You have other options, including silver, starlight (either champagne- or spacer-colored), and midnight grey (as it is). It is clear that the ground is thin with only two Thunderbolt ports to the left and one headphone jack to the right. Although the MacBook has the latest version of the magnetic mount, users can still charge it in a pinch using USB-C.


Apple claims that the new MacBook Pro’s 8-core M2 chip is 40 times faster than its predecessor, the M1, for intensive processes like editing in Final Cut Pro. Customers who haven’t upgraded to Apple silicon are 5x faster. It’s impossible to know what this means, but Apple doesn’t care to deny that the M2 isn’t quite crushing the latest offerings by AMD and Intel. Apple claims that the Air can last up to 18 hours, regardless of its performance.

The M2 MacBook Air now costs $11.00 The current model will be available at $1,000, which is a big increase. The M2 chip will be added to the MacBook Pro. It is designed for a 12-centimeter storage capacity. They will both be available sometime in July.

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