The new Sony headsets and monitors are expected to be announced rumors are spreading

Are there any major hardware announcements scheduled for the coming week? There’s a rumour that Sony is currently working on three monitors and two headsets to be revealed.

There’s been a rumor suggesting that Sony is working on an PS5 Pro controller, which is only available with the dual sense as well as the dual-sense feature. Although the announcement is not made public, insiders would like to know that this isn’t the only gaming device which will be launched in the near future.

There are two H-series headphones and three that will be announced this week. They are the INZONE H3, INZONE H7 as well as the INZONE H9, according to Tom Henderson over 360 degree surround sound to play games and they are Discord Certified.


I’m in ZONE H3:

  • Wired headset
  • The cheapest headset
  • The ray’s sound is heard 360 degrees around the surround


  • Wireless headset
  • There are three vocals principally (oed to the above sound to 3 degrees)
  • The battery life is among the best.


  • Wireless headset
  • The 360 surround sound surrounds you.
  • It is also the highest priced headset.
  • It is resuscited by noise.

There was no information initially released about the price that could be expected for these three headphones. The headphones are available here.

Today, I’m sharing an exclusive one for #FutureSquad players.

Here’s your first look at gaming headsets getting similarity to the original model, such as #Sony and #Yoyoyoyo. There are also other Sony headsets such as those of the Sony headset. These headsets can be found included in a variety of official press releases.

Then, for the sake of my friends, @91mobiles https://t.co.nz/aukey5LP709 pic.twitter.com/v9uotK2YkF https://t.co.nz/idl//.t.

Steve H.McFly (@OnLeaks) June 20, 2022


Alongside 3 new gaming headsets Two gaming monitors are also set to be made available within inZone. inZone brand. According to sources, PlayStation has exclusive features such as the Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode.

According to sources from Tom Henderson one of those monitors is able to be set to target 4K 144Hz, and the other one can target Full HD 240Hz.

The two devices are described as great for PS5 and feature VRR (HDMI/G-Sync). It also has a lower delay (1mg GtG). Sony also considered dual-tiethylophones that have displays-mounted HDR 600 with 4K/144Hz and also with Display-mounted HDR 400 at Full-HD/240Hz.

According to reports that both monitors will be fitted with gaming assistance functions that can show the number of FPS as well as the duration for the match, in addition to other things. In addition, they will offer an option for better in-dark locations (Black Equalizer) and dark areas which will allow them to display greater contrast, like. They can be turned in or out based on the requirements that the person using them.

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For the helmets, the cost for the monitors isn’t available as of yet. While it’s unclear what Pro Controller will be revealed in the next week, Pro Controller will be unveiled in the coming weeks, Tom Henderson wants to be aware that the device he’s described today will be unveiled following the weekend. He did not specify a precise timeframe.

A few more details about InzONE, Sony.


Discussion about these developments is available on the PlayStation forum.


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