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The Observatory Spektr-RG surveyed a quarter of the Milky Way

According to the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Space Research (IKI RAS), the ARTXC telescope was named after M.N. Pavlinsky – aboard the SpektrRG SpaceObservtory – examined a quarter our Milky Way.

The Spektr RG apparatus was launched successfully in July 2019. Two oblique-incidence Xray telescopes (eROSITA, ART-XC) are aboard the telescope. They were both made in Germany and Russia.

This tool’s task is to create a detailed map that shows the galaxy. It is difficult to X-ray in this area.

SpektrRG looked at a quarter the galactic plane. This is the most rich part of the Xray sky. Continuous scans have been made of the southern region in the Northern Region, which is located to the north.

Black shows the galaxy from the direction of its central part. The spiral arms can be clearly seen. The area seen by the ARTXC telescope is red. Blue shows the boundaries of the current record for the survey at the Integral astrophysical observatory (ESA). Image source: IKI RAS.

sensitivity of 5 1034 ergs s-one for sources

The current survey has a sensitivity of 5 1034 ergs s-one for sources. This means that the galaxy can be seen through at a distance of approximately 25 kiloparsecs, or 80 thousand lightyears. This survey is unique and will enable the discovery and study of many new, faint sources that are not possible to see in hard X-rays of the galactic plane.

We have also recorded magnetic cataclysmic variations, symbioticX-ray binaries and weak Xray systems with young, blue-giant stars, emerging luminaries, and other objects. Below is a detailed review of three quarters the galaxy and observations of galaxies in the magellanic Clouds nearest to us, as well as clusters of galaxies.