The orange room was announced for PC by third-persons

RedSensation Games and Urnique Studios announced Narin:The Orange Room, a third-person survival horror video game. It tells the story Narin, a young girl who has a sixth sense and mysteriously disappears in the dark hours. She ends up in a mysterious new world. The game will be available on Steam for PC in 2023.

This is a screenshot of the game taken from its Steam page.


Narin: The Orange Room, a survival horror game that’s suitable for three players, is called Narin. You play as Narin, a seventh-grade child, who is suddenly missing from her sister. She arrived in the dark hours of the night and was seduced by the secrets of her school, which led to her being transported into a strange land.

Narin had to face the terror, fight and survive it. She must spot all clues and solve riddles, as well as examine the stories that come up at school. Find his sister and solve this mystery.

The Key Features

  • Keep Alive Wild Ghosts appear in haunted dimensions and are unable to leave their places during school hours. Narin should move shitsy through the teacher’s classroom without being detected. You can learn their habits and then overcome them by solving the puzzles. Run to the hides if something goes wrong and let them pass or outrun the pursuers. I cannot be seen.
  • Day or Twilight Discover mystic stories in Twilight and Day Time. Find out the secrets of Narin’s friends. Find more evidence, complete the mystery puzzle, and solve these mysteries.
  • Discover the deadly and fatal ghosts. Narin must remain silent and not use weapons or Narin’s actions to stop them; Narin must hold her breath and then sneak into the darkest secrets. Narins sister should also be hidden from the truth.

Below is a trailer for an announcement. Take a look at the gallery to see some screenshots.

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