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The Orville New trailer for the 3rd season

The streaming service Hulu has released a brand-new trailer to The Orville Season 3. Season 3 of the show, called The Orville: New Horizons is set to air on June 2, following waiting for a while for the American streaming site. The service in Germany, Disney + has already confirmed that it will air the new episodes during the first episode.

As of now there’s no official start date for this country. In the present, it appears that the fans will be waiting a bit longer.


Seth MacFarlane stars Adrianne Palicki Penny Johnson Jerald Scott Grimes, Peter Macon, J. Lee, Chad L. Coleman, Jessica Szohr and Anne Winters in brand new seasons of this sci-fi theatrical comedy. Anne Winters joins the cast of the show in the role of Ensign Charly Burke. Other confirmed guest stars include Bruce Boxleitner ( Babylon 5 ) as President Alcuzan, Lisa Banes as Senator Balask and Eliza Taylor ( The 100 ).

There were some subtle changes that were made the third season of Orville Season 3 . The show was moved from American TV broadcaster Fox to streaming platform Hulu. This also means that this season, which has 10 episodes is a little smaller than the previous seasons. As a result the time between each episode is increased.

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