The partnership with Waverider is announced

Waverider Entertainment has formed a partnership with the organization. The two brands have launched a series of new products. The release states that this includes the development of merchandise and stories for content creators.

Waverider is an IP management and content creation company that focuses on pop culture and entertainment. Galaxy Racer, a partnership with the company, will be able create products and concepts for its creators, such as Dyler, AboFlah and Naji Elqaq. Waveriders offers a variety of products.

Waverider CEO Arafaat Ali Khan stated that he was thrilled to work with Galaxy Racer’s diverse creators to create stories and products that not only reflect their style but also reflect that creator’s ethos. Fans will see a side of content creators that will blow them away. Waverider’s leader is Khan, who founded the Middle East Film and Comic Con together with Hake. Hake is an entertainment industry veteran with experience in Walt Disney Company and Oriental Dreamworks as well as MINDstyle.

Des Taylor is the head of the firm’s creative team. The company will launch a new wave of consumer events and experiences. Paul Roy, the CEO of the company, said that he was delighted to partner with Waverider.

We’ve seen a lot of demand for new consumer products and stories from our content creators. Their team has the vision, expertise and experience to make something unique for our fans. This partnership will help to increase the game’s commercial appeal. The deal will allow the organisation to produce a variety of merchandise. It could also open up other possibilities, like apparel and Manga.

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