The poem Pogue Tale: New Release Date Revealed

As promised, Asobo Studio, publisher Focus Entertainment, and developer A Plague Tale, Requiem announced the release date of A Plague Tale, Requiem, the sequel from A Plague Tale, Innocence. The game will be available on October 18, 2022, for PC, PS5, Xbox S3, Xbox S4, Nintendo Switch, and PS5. Although we knew that the game would be released sometime in 2022 (but there were no details), it was still possible to speculate. The release date announcement was accompanied by an update or more specifically an extended update in game.

Plague Tale: Requiem looks like it will be able to do what its predecessor did, but not much. This game is something I would like to play. Plague Tale:Innocence, an action-adventure video game with stealth elements, is one of many games that you can play. It will be back in 2019. The sequel is slightly better than the first, but without the war. The sequel has increased the combat or at the very least, expanded the game’s mix. The sequel received an 83 rank on Metacritic and was praised for its captivating story and characters, detailed world, and superb marriage of art direction and graphical fidelity.

Plague Tale: Innocence, the latest issue, is available for Nintendo Switch, PC and PS5, Xbox S, Xbox X, and Xbox One. Read more about that courtesy of the aforementioned pair of official items: a picture of the plot and the character-contribution of the characters mentioned above.

The sea is coming closer with a big jump. And some other niada call. It’s a beautiful world, where supernatural forces have twisted everything. Amicia, Hugo and their family flee from the destruction of their homeland. They travel south to allow cities and towns to grow. They attempt to end Hugo’s curse by starting a new life. As the power of Hugo returned, the rats began to die and destroy themselves. They were forced to flee once more and put their hope in Hugo’s prophesized island. Find out the price of saving others you like in a desperate fight for survival. You can strike in the dark, or blow in hell, with the help of many weapons and tools.

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