The Pokemon Cards: Lost Thunder Part 8: Blacephalon & More

Bleeding Cool took a retrospective tour through the Xfinity era, as a Pokemon. This block has now completed the nine first sets of the spotlight series (Sun & Moon Guardians Rising Crimson Invasion, Crimson Invasion Uraneous Priscence & Objects and Throne Majesty). Now it’s time to look at the next set from this era. The expansion was released on November 12, 2018, at 2:20 PM. This set doesn’t just include Zeraora or Lugia. It also includes cards featuring other fan favorites like Mimikyu and Suicune. Heute, we are resolving fire using a powerful beast and then turning into water types.

You lost two books. Pokemon snab

  • Blacephalon GX- A powerful GX is available from 5ban Graphics for one of Moonera’s most unhinged designs, Moonera’s Blacephalon GX. This is an example where a species doesn’t get the controversial 3D computer-generated style of 5ban Graphics. It’s because of its shape and balloon-like theme. This card looks like Pennywise’s nightmares balloon, with a Fire-like Pokemon having a more rounded tone. The red Ultra Beast GX cards complement this ball well.
  • Alolan Vulpix by ArtistNaoyo Kmura. This beautiful watercolor Alolan Vulpix appears to have been created onto a textured surface. Vulpix loves the snow and is always happy to be surrounded by it. His branches are full blustery trees. It is humbling in snow, allowing one see which one is blocking winter’s path. Beautiful card.
  • White Kyurem (White Kyurem): Kyurem’s forms, which are fusing with Zekrom and Black, have a busy design. It’s always fascinating to see how the artist makes this dragon look visually. Hitoshi Ariga does a fantastic job of keeping the design insane while also making it look so absurd that we cannot put it on top of the world.

Keep watching for the continuation of this trip to Pokemon TCG: Earth & Moon have lost their gold weight! Click the Lost Thunder tag for more information. With the rest of this set, we are done with our journey.

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