The price of the factory’s contract chips in Taiwan will drop dramatically in the third quarter

However, he will still use more than 90% of the equipment.

TSMC and other contract manufacturers from Taiwan have been busy over the last month. Participants began to talk about the decline in consumer electronics, including smartphones and laptops, since the beginning of the second quarter. This was expected to reduce the labor burden for manufacturers and solve the problem with component shortages. The freed up capacity can then be loaded with orders from manufacturers of components for automobiles that are in significant shortfall.

DigiTimes reports that customers of Taiwanese contract-chip manufacturers will see a decrease in order volumes but that their equipment usage will not fall below 90%.

Source: TSMC.

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45000r – 6800XT ASUS.

3070 Ti for 80 Tr in Regard.

6800XT is almost double the price

3060 Ti Gigabyte Gaming costs less than 70

-120000r in Citylink using RTX3090.

3070 Ti is less expensive than 90 tr Gigabyte gaming.

3080 Te tablets for 100 Tr.

For 54tr, 3060 Ti Gigabyte Games

3090 isn’t necessary. Ti for 170tr in XPERT.RU

3070 Ti Gaming is as cheap as 80 tr.

RTX Ti3070 for 70tr Gigabyte gaming.

In fact, this indicator is very expensive. A finished product may cost more than the indicator. The monetary monetary burden has been decreasing, which means that prices are lower than expected, due to low inflation and increased demand.

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