The prototype of a pathologist simulator with the horror recitation engine, presented in a new video

August 19, 2022

The developers were not able to agree on a conclusion.

The road-building simulator Hell Architect was released by Architects and Woodland Games developers. Also, the taxi simulator Urban Explorer and Taxi Simulator were created by the Polish studio. The Poles decided not to waste time on trifles, so they began creating a simulator for pathologists with horror elements. It was announced in 2020 and now a trailer has been released.

Team17 Digital will release the Autopsy Simulation Engine. However, PlayWay, a Polish publishing house, was also involved in development. Autopsy Simulator’s plot is rich in information. The inexplicable precision of Jack’s work means that he will be working in his own way as a pathologist in the basement. The story starts at the end, when Jack finds the ring of his long-deceased wife in a murder victim.

The truth must be revealed by the hero, who must also open many corpses. The developers sought advice from pathologists and forensic physicians. Autopsy Simulator’s visuals might not be appealing to laymen but the authors warn that they are not the best.


The project also includes other features: One that includes the project is “As the Future We’re Going to Have, the Future of Our Company.”

Learn about victims by studying reports and documents. Every person has their own story. You must test your case to get a complete autopsy. Each case is different. Each case is created by pathologists and forensic physicians, making them convincing. Also, detailed organ photos and case descriptions make the cases convincing. Developers wanted to make everything look real so all organs, organs, and injuries were created with enough detail. The classic tale will include an excellent depiction on an autopsy.

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The Autopsy Simulator is due to be available on Steam in November. The official project page can be found at the shop.

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