The publisher of Warbler is Mine has put up the game of Warblers

August 19, 2022

The insider claimed that the new game in cyberpunk is being created, and the materials for portal Try Hard Guides.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Hendersons informants claim that 110 Industries (Red Goes Faster. Vengeance is Mine. Wanted: Dead), was granted a license to create an interactive Blade Runner.

The announcement of the game was allegedly made in the new Swiss studio 110 Industries. A short trailer for the game was shown at the closed-door release. It would soon be made available to the public.


The first is from the 1990s. The second is from the 1980s. The sequel was remastered in the 1960s.

Trip Hawkins (the founder of Electronic Arts) took control of the 110 industry board in October. He was appointed as an advisor to the board, stating that the company could make major decisions in the industry.

In 2025, the 110 Industries Blade Runner will be available. The publisher announced for 2024 the sci-fi race Red Goes Faster; for 2023, the Mecha action Vengeance Is Mine and for 2022, the movie Wanted: Dead.

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