The Quarry Review Don’t Go Out at night


Supermassives Until Dawn was one the most fascinating video games of the last generation. It managed to tell a story about a variety of complex characters while keeping the game cool for a few moments. This was something most games have done before.

Each decision you made was important.

Supermassive and 2K have teamed up to create a new story. It is filled with hope, love, and how it has impacted the lives of camp counselors who are unhelpful. This story is about Hackets Quarry. A camp counselor helps kids have as much fun outdoors at the summer camp.

Everyone has fun, except when it comes down to being welcomed. The Quarry puts you in the shoes of some camp counselors as they attempt to have a fun night out and finish their summer at camp. They find themselves stuck in a summer camp horror story that mixes different horror stories with nostalgic nostalgia.

Sometimes you see the immediate consequences of your actions, while other times you don’t realize how dire it is until much later.

The situation is getting worse, and the blood is starting to seep in. Your decision is yours to save them or to leave them behind. Supermassive is my favorite game company. Every second is as tense and exciting as the next. Is it possible that you broke the plank of wood in Chapter 1. It’s almost as if you chose that plank from Chapter 8.

TwoK games are in progress.

You may feel pain when you act. You can’t see what happened if you don’t pay attention to it. This made me feel like I was learning about each step that I took while playing The Quarry. Everyone wants to save everyone, right? The Quarry makes it hard to do this.

Character dynamics is a key area of concern. This was one of The Quarry’s most important differences. Every character in Until Dawn had a clear character archetype. You’d be able to make decisions based upon this archetype and you would survive until dawn.

Although there were many options, it sometimes felt like all was lost.

The Quarry had a lot more life and I found that the characters were dynamic. There were many archetypes they could match. You could choose a wise, but firm leader. You could be stubborn and take decisions that will lead to unnecessary growth. There were many options, but it was sometimes hard to choose the right one.

The Quarry introduces a new Death Rewind system. Players can either clear the game for the first or grab the Deluxe Edition bonus. The Death Rewind feature gives you three more lives throughout the game. You can rewind to the point where they made their final decision.

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2K games!

You would be thinking about it earlier, so you could re-enter them as soon as the event occurred. The story must be repeated from there. This takes away The Quarry’s appeal. It is important to make big decisions. You should make big decisions if you have a feature such as rewind.

If you haven’t used all of the achievements and trophies in Death Rewind, I wouldn’t recommend it.

When I entered, I expected to see the horror at its peak. I was right. The Quarry mixes horror tones we know and gives them new twists. I found myself sweating in the last chapters. It’s not as interactive as Until Dawn.

They are given a new twist by The Quarry, which made my hands tremble well as I read the last chapters.

It was a moment that made me feel unhappy at The Quarry. I made my final decision. The epilogue is unintentional in comparison to Until Dawn. Although it was a wonderful conclusion, it felt fragmented.

The Quarry had a way of pre-determining a lot your movements in scenes. Although I wasn’t sure I could do more, I felt like I was capable of doing more. They made their decisions many times and I didn’t think they had as much influence over me.


Tarot cards have replaced the totems of Until Dawn. These cards might give you an idea about how it feels to imagine what the future holds. Even totems can’t give a glimpse of the future until the end a chapter.

These revelations would have occurred in your interactions with Eliza. He is a charming man who offers advice and tarot interpretation. You can only see one vision, despite having multiple Tarot cards within a book.

There are PTs and a new mechanic called “Beyond Your Breath”. You will also need to be quick to make important decisions that will either save your character or endanger it.

Every character I liked, I realized. Each character had a story, and I wanted to know it.

The UI concept was very appealing to me. I loved how logically you only had to gather all the evidence, clues and paths. It was obvious that lots of love and attention went into creating this summer camp horror movie look.

2K – 3K Games

The Quarry is able to shine through its characters, its evolution, and all the interactions you can have. I was curious to hear the story, and to see if the audience could reach the conclusion of any decision I thought should be reassuring.

Until Dawn had some clear favorites. In The Quarry, it felt like I was a person. Even the side characters that were only present for a few scenes. Each of them had a fascinating story. I would love to hear more.

This man is amazing. Justice Smith, Brenda Song and Ariel Winters are all known by different names. The cast gives outstanding performances.

An author can quickly write a story. While there are many nice expositions, the story gets intense. It doesn’t lose it once he presses the gas pedal.

The Quarry is one the most terrifying summer camp horror stories that you will ever encounter.

The entire time we spent in Hacketts Quarry was spent there. It is a beautiful place to take in during the day. Even at night, you will still be amazed by the moon and sky lit up, but it’s just as amazing as before.

The Quarry is a great book to tell stories. The book features a fascinating cast of characters who are all interesting and have a unique style. The story is captivating and will keep you on the edge. There is not much interaction. Although there are many options that encourage replayability, it can sometimes be distracting for those looking for more practical experiences. The Quarry is a great summer camp horror story.

This Quarry Review won’t be going out at night. The Quarry is an exciting story where your choices can change the dynamics of the playthrough. It can sometimes feel more like an interactive movie than a video game. PROS The interface is beautiful and perfectly fits The Quarry’s aesthetic. There are many avenues that can be used to create dynamic storytelling. The cast is amazing, and each character adds their own attention to The Quarry. This is one of the most terrifying horror stories this summer. CONS It felt like the game was more controlled by the players than the player at times. The epilogue is disappointing. It is cheaper to fix the glitch now than wait for Dawn. 9 This was done on PS5-level.

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