The second-time star of the cave, The Second-Day Digs Deep on the PSVR This Year

VRKiwi has announced that today the sequel to the games from The World War II – Dig Harder, followed by the 2019 version – Cave Digger – is going to start digging dirt with PSVR later in the year. In contrast there is no specific release date that was announced because the project is working on the final stone before the time of the game’s release. We expect to see it happen during the month of September and August in accordance with the press announcement.

The game’s creator tells to me Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder is a familiar game to players who have had involved in Cave Digger, but it’s different enough to be an investment worth it. For the entirety of the game cost and the time required were increased. Also, as for the game’s production the game’s creators noted that the advancements in VR technology in the past couple of years also affected the highly-rated sequel.


Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder will present a brand new story that has multiple narratives to explore, whether on your own or in a group of more than four people. Both will play cross-play matchmaking . PSVR, Steam and Meta Quest can collaborate on digging efforts. VRKiwi is determined to remind us that although multiplayer is available but the game was created primarily for an experience for one player. If you prefer playing with your friends you’ll be able to play from beginning to end without a single obstacle.

Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder is now available for download on Steam as well as Meta Quest. It is also it is now available in the early-release AppLab software on Mobi and will continue to evolve by adding new features.

Cave Digger was the first game to be released. Cave Digger was released back in the year 2019, and then it was followed by an un-VR version one year later. This type of game doesn’t bother the player, but you’re unable to hold a finger and won’t be in a position to put the tense VR headsets in your face. It could not be an option for that type of game to release later than it did although there is no official announcement announced at this point.


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