The Senators of the United States propose to switch to Unitified Chargers

In Europe there is a USB-C port.

These arguments from European colleagues that will legally oblige manufacturers of electronics to utilize USB-C-compatible chargers for any gadgets that are sold in the region starting 2024, were acceptable to senators in the USA as Bloomberg states. Three senators demanded that the US Department of Commerce come up with a solution similar to the one proposed by the department to permit to introduce a common charger in all countries.

Image Source: Bloomberg.

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The project was funded by Edward Markey, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. According to senators the same decision by the European Union will let consumers remove the mountain of dirty chargers that are in the box. According to Marca the average consumer has to utilize at least three chargers. The amount of waste produced will be cut down by their unification, as it is possible to use a charger on phones of a couple of generations to come.

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