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The shrively horror film Fridge is Red

The Fridge is Red is an in-depth psychological horror game that was created by one person. It has a low-fi 3-D aesthetic that is similar to the 32-bit graphics used in the trailer for Guerrilla Collective.

The game was described by the 5WORD team and tinyBuild as a horror anthology that will be available at Steam Next Fest. The story centers on the main character, who is searching for his mysteriously missing daughter.

The basement has a red refrigerator with notes inside. This strange item may have something to do the disappearance of the girls. Frank must find and put together strange clues. But he can’t look away from the red refrigerator.

The story will begin in horror novels. Because of the low-poly graphics style used by the developers for this bizarre aproject, it promises some very disturbing moments. Let’s hear the Guerrilla Collective trailer.