The social deduction game West Hunt released the Officially released video


Together, the Wizards and the Snail Games released West Hunt, their latest title. You can now play the game on PC through Steam Early Access. You can purchase the game for ninety dollars during its early access phase here. They also confirmed that the release date for the game was still to come. West Hunt is a school-led social deduction that tests wits and more.

The game features Outlaws as players who take on Sheriffs to try and stop their laws from being applied. The Old West was a bustling city filled with good people, but the Outlaw! The roles of the players are assigned to the players and they must prepare the game accordingly.


The developers have released a new gameplay trailer to celebrate the game’s release. It shows the graphics and gameplay of the game. The game’s key feature is the ability to team up with bots and create custom match matches. Voice chat is available in-game. This allows the player to insult his opponent and adds an extra level of fun.

Developers offer a variety of customization options, including emotes and helper hounds. You will be able use hints and more to avoid the Sherriff as well as navigate the game’s randomized elements. It is expensive.

What are your thoughts on West Hunt? What do you think about West Hunt? You have a plan to purchase the game on time. Do you like social deduction games? What are your thoughts on early access games?

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