The Thing #4 shows a horrific nightmare scenario with the new Marvel villain Mot

Walter Mosley, the iconic prose novelist Walter Mosley, is many things to many people. But to me, one of the biggest things about him is that he is a fellow Fantastic Four fan. Mosley has managed to cross off a goal on his bucket list, and is now writing a Fantastic Four story – and he wants to keep.

A preview of The Thing #4 (opens in new tab) by Mosley, series artist Tom Reilly. Ben’s future wife Alicia Masters dreams of his head being crushed with an axe from a mysterious assailant. You can see it here:

Preview of The Thing #4

Image credit: Tom Reilly/Jordie Belaire/Joe Sabino, Marvel Comics.
Image credit: Tom Reilly/Jordie Belaire/Joe Sabino, Marvel Comics.

Who is this axe-wielding Grimreaper-looking guy? It’s not the Grimreaper, but a new character named Mot that Mosley and Reilly created for their Thing series. Mot is the biggest baddie in the Thing thus far. He uses intermediaries like the Champion, Brusque and other villains to make the hero’s lives as difficult as possible. Now, he is invading not only Ben Grimms’ life but also Alicia’s.

The Mosley-Reilly’s Thing series, one of many recent ‘untold stories’ stories, is a new story set in familiar Marvel continuity. This series takes place years before the Thing and Alicia got married. It focuses on a time when they were in a relationship that ended badly – and Mot seems to be to blame.

The Thing #4’s main cover has been drawn by Reilly. He is joined by a variant from Joshua Cassara, as well as colorist Dean White. Both can be viewed here.

The Thing #4 covers

(Image credit: Joshua Cassara/Dean White (Marvel Comics))

The Thing #4 (of 6) goes on sale February 2.

Ben Grimm was the foundation for many of the greatest Fantastic Four stories ever written.

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