The trailer looks like Final Fantasy 16

The trailer looks like Final Fantasy 16

Sony presented a variety of new products at the end. Final Fantasy 16: Action-adventure was also included in the game. It finally received a release period. Square Enix’s role-playing game will be available as a PS5 exclusive in the summer 2023. A trailer also contains tons of information. You can see the most important information here at a glance.


Everything will be centered around Clive Rosefield’s turn. One voice can be heard in the trailer saying: “I unify the Dominants to disarmament and so tomorrow will be a new day.” While we don’t know who it is, this could indicate that the Dominats have formed a powerful union and Clive must fight them afterward.


The trailer contained a photo of an old war-tracking device. This is a significant departure from the rest. This fight is much faster and more intense than the other offshoots. The battle allows the protagonists to switch between different forms. A damage multiplier is also available. There are some scenes where Clive kills enemies. However, multiplayer tasks seem to be important when the boss’ HP bar is displayed.

The trailer also confirms the rumors about the title “Miture” being received from the North American equivalent to USK. The game is not recommended for anyone older than 17. The trailer featured a lot more violence than the last and even a nude scene. Only two other games in this franchise are M-rated, Final Fantasy Type-0 (Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin) and Final Fantasy Type-0 (Final Fantasy Type-0). Let’s hope that Final Fantasy 16 news is already out.

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