The US regulator released a report that the models Tesla and Waymo take the lead in accidents

The US regulator released a report that the models Tesl

Two reports in the US show that there were first and second serious crashes and deaths in autonomous cars (AVs) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) vehicles. It turns out that Tesla is the leader in technology-driven crashes, while Waymo reports the highest number of incidents involving autonomous vehicles.


Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a permanent directive allowing companies to report accidents under Level 2 assistance systems last year. Companies were required to document any accident that was caused by technology ADAS or automated technology.

It is important to recognize that the data collected are not complete. It is not always possible to count all incidents. Other details include the number of vehicles manufactured, the number of vehicles in use, and the distances covered by these vehicles. Different criteria may be used by companies to report incidents. Some automakers may receive crash reports via vehicle telemetry while others rely on unsolicited customer claims. Officials warn that conclusions should not be drawn solely from figures in the reports.

Teslas were more common than its competitors due to its inability to purchase a class 2 car. Tesla also collects real-time telemetry data, simplifying the reporting process. Others wait months for field reports, and they don’t often get them until months later.

ADAS systems

The report states that there were 392 incidents involving vehicles equipped with ADAS systems between the 20th October 2021 and the 21st of May 2022. Autopilot was used in Tesla on 273 vehicles. Honda Sensing, which provides ADAS features, reported 90 accidents. Subaru (EyeSigh) came in third with ten accidents. Only 98 of the 392 accident reports contained information on the severity of an accident. There were 6 serious injuries, 5 deaths and 6 other accidents in the time period since the last report. The NHTSA did not know who was informed about deaths reported by automakers. Out of the 392 fatalities, 119 were in another vehicle. Four accidents occurred to vulnerable road users. Three of them were pedestrians, and one was a cyclist.

NHTSA received approximately 130 accidents involving autonomous vehicles from 25 companies in response to the alert. These vehicles are not models for consumers, but are used as test vehicles or fleet vehicles. Waymo, a subsidiary of Alphabet, reported 62 incidents. Transdev Alternative Services reported 34 accidents. Cruise, a subsidiary of GM, reported 23 accidents. Only one of the 130 accidents resulted in serious injuries. There were no murderers.

Notably, the highest prices were paid by companies that test self-driving vehicles more than others. Waymo and Cruise account for the majority of autonomous test miles in California. Waymo claimed that its cars drove 2.3M miles in 2021, and 3,5M miles on the cruise ship. Waymo claims that it is more financially secure than other automobile companies.

After a Model S collision that left 3 people dead and 3 others injured, the US authorities began a new investigation into cars. And Waymo take the lead in accidents with a self-drive car

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