The Winchesters: First trailer for the Supernatural prequel

A trailer for the first season of Supernatural’s spin-off The Winchesters has been released after it was announced by The CW. This preview, which is three and a quarter minutes long, offers many insights into the new series. The Winchesters will air on The CW in the fall, although no date has been announced by the broadcaster.

The Winchesters First trailer for the Supernatural prequel

This series features many decades of Supernatural. John Winchester (Drake Rodger), has just returned from Vietnam, and is now looking for a home. His father’s secrets eventually led him to a secret organization, and a new war within the realm of the supernatural.

Mary Campbell (Meg Donnelly), unlike John, has been fighting the forces of darkness from childhood. After the death of a close friend, she is now on the brink of leaving the family business. Mary finds herself in a difficult situation when her father vanishes and John Winchester appears at the same moment. Mary must then take over a new team.

Robbie Thompson is the showrunner. Jensen Ackles (who played Dean Winchester in Supernatural) and Danneel Ackles are also on board as producers. Ackles will be a narrator for Dean’s role.

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