The Xbox and the JRPG, not just Persona 5 Royal: Peoplea 3 and Persona 4 coming, too?

August 19, 2022

S era, a well-known insider also misinterprets the JRPG series, from Atlus.

The Snitch has recently created a remarkable list with correct predictions. The stage at theXbox + Bethesda showcase has been so full that it could accommodate many newbies to the franchise. The insider will be given some specific words, as usual. As you can see, just a brief tweet could have sparked the indiscretion, as you will see at the bottom.

S: Person 5, Person 4 and Person 3. The ports will cover the final versions ‘JRPG’ unless there are any restrictions on Persona 5 Royal or Persona4 Golden, and possibly the chat time remastered from Persona 3 for a few more weeks.

You can learn more by watching the Xbox + Bethesda Showcase with a rich Twitch Live that will begin at 12:00 on Sunday, 12 June 2022.

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