There is an update regarding the Major 2021 location.

PGL has updated us on the possible relocation of the Major, which is scheduled for October 2021. The Major will remain in Sweden, according to the plan. The tournament organizer is currently in talks with two European countries to move the Major if Sweden continues to have restrictions.

The restrictions in Sweden allow 300 spectators to attend the Avicii Arena, where the event will be held. After September 15, the restrictions may be lifted. PGL would like to entertain large numbers of people inside the venue so the event could be moved in another country that offers all the necessary guarantees.

After so many years, we had to find the right place to ignite the passion of fans, players, and organizations. Sweden was the ideal spot. In case of incapacity to run the event as planned, we always had a backup plan. Two other European countries have offered us all the guarantees we need to manage the Major, including all the players present on-site as well as a large crowd inside the venue.

This year’s second LAN event will leave if the PGL Major is moved. The International 10 will take place in Romania in October. Keep an eye out for this story, as Stockholm could lose two major events within a matter of months.

It is good to know that an organizer has a back-up plan in the event of a major move. It can be subscribed to on YouTube.

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