They tried to recreate GTA characters on Unreal Engine 5, but turned out scary

August 19, 2022

The heroes of the third wing turned out to be particularly unusual.

The third and final part of City of Vicensey’s villains appeared to be special.

Unreal Engine 5 includes a MetaHuman editor, which allows you to create realistic characters. This video was created by YouTuber XXII to show how he recreated the main characters from Grand Theft Auto.

It was quite strange. Modernists are very stubborn. The people who stopped Tommy Vercetti or Carl Johnson would stop the police from attending every meeting where they were suspicious.

There are also backlogs. Niko Bellic, a GTA 5 man, didn’t feel unsafe and Michael wanted to be sorry.

The MetaHuman editor allows you to see more attempts at recreating Grand Theft Auto characters. Here is the editor.

It’s fascinating.

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