This Minecraft update was entirely thought of by AI

This Minecraft update was entirely thought of by AI

The AI Minecraft update sounds like it’s likely to be a disaster, however it wasn’t enough to hinder this YouTuber from trying to make it happen regardless of what it caused

Minecraft updates are typically an thrilling time for players but this one was entirely created with artificial intelligence. It’s not the first time that we’ve witnessed AI being employed to alter the Sandbox game however this was the first instance that AI is being used to develop exciting – and game-changing new features instead.

SystemZee, whom you might be familiar with from their amazing ocean design they decided it was hilarious to allow an AI design an update Team HTML0 could implement. After a basic first concept in the clip (below) of the crafting table, things go more outrageous.

A wishing well that provides players with a random object by throwing in an emerald is great however, our favourite one is Lava Bow – which shoots an arrow that releases lava blocks. Although it sounds like fun but it’s actually a death weapon that could destroy an entire region and your personal computer in a matter of minutes. It’s pretty, however. Everyone wants to feel the lava’s molten surface, don’t we?

And the update’s title it’s Minecraft: World Domination. Do not think about it for too long, as it’s not an Freudian mistake and much more like a declaration of intent, just as the AI created this one, too. The name certainly ties into some of the more bizarre and more dangerous new features of this fake upgrade. If your toaster is acting funny, it could be trying to sabotage your.

In addition to the update announcements, although not official, Mojang is going to remain with their chat-moderation software despite some criticism from the fans.

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