This PS5 external hard drive is nearly at its lowest ever price

The PS5 external hard drive deal could prove to be a very important and valuable acquisition for your system. This is a great way to increase your gaming options. It’s especially important considering the PS4’s vast and active game library.

The WD_Black SSD is the best external hard drive for the price. The WD_Black P50 SSD is the fastest internal SSD you’ll find. It can be attached to your console via a USB cable. It’s available for $189.99 on Amazon (opens in new window). It is now only $249.99 off its original list price, which was only $10 less than last August. This external drive is an exceptional value and offers the performance to rival the fastest PS5 SSD market.

External hard drives are a high-quality function and it’s easy to include one in your setup by choosing Western Digital, a brand that Mark Cerny, PS5 Architect, clearly endorses.

While you won’t be able play PS5 games directly from the P50 external drive, it will allow you to store them quickly and shuffle them around. It will also give you the best home for your PS4 games with fast loading times and file-retrieval speeds.

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