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Asobo released a new trailer for Fall Fantasy: Requiem, and announced its official release date.


A new trailer for the 10-minute game shows that the game will be released soon, on October 18, 2022. Six months after the death of the Holocaust, A Holocaust: Requiem takes place. The story of two young Americans, who were searching for a cure to Hugo’s illness on a mysterious island, will be the plot of this game. While the game’s main focus will be on solving and stealth, combat plays an important part in the sequel.


Pre-order the Plague Tale: Requiem Collectors Edition. This book will include a feather brooch on Hugo, a resin sculpture of Amicia, Hugo, and a Steam digital key to the game. It also contains 3 Lithographs.

After the conclusion of the original epic story, titled “Solving Resistance: The Awakening”, players will begin the second chapter of Asobos’ emotional journey. Asobos had previously described the experience, he will be joined by Amicia and her brother, ‘Giber, on a dangerous new adventure. You will do whatever it takes to survive in an uncaring, brutal and uncaring world.

On October 18, 2022, “A Plague Tale: Remembrance” will be available on the PC, Xbox X/S, Xbox E2 and Nintendo Switch. Microsoft’s Pass will also be available on Day 1.


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