Timberborn Water Wheel Guide

September 18, 2022

Timberborn Water Wheel Guide Dimensions, Recipe Best spots, Tips and tricks in the event that your Water Wheel not working properly


Timberborn Water Wheel Guide – Intro

Water wheels, or buildings, create the power needed to power other structures. They are the Water Wheel was shared by both factions prior to Update 1, however, the Iron Teeth later acquired the Compact and Large Water Wheels, which made this Water Wheel exclusive to Folktales.

  • Dimensions – 3×2, Height: 4
  • Recipe – 90 hp /cms
  • Cost – x50 Logs

The most interesting part is after that, how you can maximize the efficiency of the water wheels you have.

Timberborn Water Wheel Guide – Tips & Tricks

There are many doubts about the functioning that is Water Wheel. We have found a lot of doubts about the operation Water Wheel, and many complainants claim there was a problem with the Water Wheel did not work. It’s not a problem and works flawlessly You just need to be aware of the following

  • Be sure that fluid is moving freely around the water wheel. Also, be sure to not block any outlet or water intake.
  • The water wheel produces electricity in water as low as 2 meters due to its size of 3×2. The water wheel can become overwhelmed and cease producing electricity when the water level is above 2 meters.
  • When placed in water that has an intense stream it will produce the highest energy. Locating waves along the river is the simplest method to locate the perfect spot.
  • The water wheel will not overflow the area when it’s located near the bottom of an incline and will generate energy. The power produced will depend on the amount of water falling.
  • Create your water wheels apart from each other. It is best to examine the river to determine the areas that have the most current prior to joining them by shafts or by using gauges for the stream and then waiting for the outcomes.
  • If you have a water wheel some distance away from the workshop, shafts must be utilized for connecting both.
  • gauge for stream flow is found on the tab that has an icon for water. This device tracks the flow of water and will show you where the current of water is at its highest.

Video Guide

If you’d like to play, we’ll give you an example of the game DerHouy so that you can determine the best place to put the Water Wheel, and how to make the most of the Rios Future Beavers who will have decades of water engineering experience. Install floodgates and dams or dig canals using explosives as well as redirect rivers in order to bring life to the barren landscape. Be cautious with explosives. Alongside other fascinating issues, connected in those of the Lumbermill as well as the Forester.


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