Todd Howard reveals starsfields length and size

In an interview with Bethesda, Todd Howard spoke to IGN about Starfield.

There were many details that Todd Howard shared about Starfield.

  • Starfield’s main quest is approximately twenty-two times more than the one used in Bethesda for games like Skyrim or Fallout 4. Todd Howard estimates that it will take between 30 and 40 hours to complete, without interruptions to any other content.
  • Starfield contains more content handcrafted than any Bethesda title. This doesn’t include the procedurally generated galaxies. Remember that there were approximately 1000 planets in this game.
  • Starfield is home to four major cities, and New Atlantis is Bethesda’s largest creation.
  • Todd Howard stated that Starfield will not allow players to fly from space to the 1,000 planets they can explore. He said that the feature doesn’t have enough importance for the player to justify the effort.
  • FTL and MechWarrior are the inspirations for space warfare.

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