Toilet Chronicles – All Secret Codes

This guide will show you how to locate the numbers needed for a code lock at your exit door.


1. Blue number

A Polaroid photocard.



2. Orange number

Each time you restart the level, it will be displayed on your loading screen.


3. Pink number

Behind the “War criminals” poster, on the wall.

Left click on the poster to disturb it. HTML3_


4. Green number

The skull of the Skeleleton and the picture that he holds.



5. Yellow number

The wall is the dark bathroom stall in the ladies’ room.


The wall must be lit using a Polaroid flash. 

6. Red number

The wall behind the ladies’ bathroom has a lot of red graffiti.

This number can only be found by looking through a clock.


The code

This is the last code.

2 6 5 9 1 8

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